Sync or Swim November 17 2011 / 90 Mins/ SD
"An inspiring portrayal of female athleticism" - Bust Magazine
Genre: Documentary

Dive into the world of elite synchronized swimming as dedicated young women compete for spots on the U.S. Synchronized Swimming team and train relentlessly in pursuit of an Olympic medal. Sync or Swim profiles hard-working athletes on a moving journey to fulfill their Olympic dreams. Day after day, these 9 swimmers hone their skills and perfect the split-second timing of their precisely choreographed routines in preparation to face their Olympic competitors. In the midst of their training, they must pull together to support a teammate who attempts to recover from an unthinkable tragedy. Juxtaposing scenes that are intense and emotional, uplifting and mesmerizing, humorous and heart breaking, Sync or Swim offers a candid, intimate look at this misunderstood sport that is so much more than sequins and smiles

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• Slam Dance Film Festival 2008: Official Selection
• AFI/Discovery SilverDocs 2008: Official Selection
• Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival 2008: Official Selection
• NY International Film Festival 2008: Winner Best Director
• Kansas City Film Festival 2008: Winner - Best Feature
• Billie Award for Journalism 2008: Winner Women's Sports Foundation

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