Kalinovski Square June 09 2009 / 86 Mins/ SD
"...hilarious and entertaining yet hard-hitting documentary," - Silverdocs, Bill Gilcher
The truth reveals itself as subjective as filmmaker Yury Khashchavatski attempts to discover how an astounding 83% of the population of Belarus voted for the president who has stayed in power for fifteen years despite the blatant corruption of his administration and a complete failure to provide even the most basic public services. In March of 2006, Republic of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko told the people of his country, "You have no other choice, you will vote for me!" Khashchavatski and his crew had started filming in January of 2006, just three months before the elections. As the director speaks with people of the country's small but emerging democratic movement, history is held up to recent events as the falsehoods of official propaganda are exposed and a dictator's supreme arrogance is carefully deconstructed.

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