Ballou September 08 2008 / 86 Mins/ SD
"You have got to see this documentary" - -Ellen DeGeneres
Genre: Documentary

Filmmaker Michael Patrei follows the Ballou Marching Band and their leader Darell Watson as they make the journey to the National High Stepping Marching Band competition in Birmingham, IL and learn a thing or two about themselves in the process. Ballou Senior High School is located in South East Washington, D.C. An inner-city school from which only five percent of graduates go on to attend college, Ballou has a secret weapon in the form of bandleader Darrell Watson - a respected educator and highly valued member of the community. Along with his all-volunteer staff, Watson strives to provide his students with opportunities that might otherwise pass them by. In addition to giving them the tools needed to learn, he also teaches them important lessons that will help them succeed in life. Now, as the band makes their way towards the competition in Birmingham, AL, Watson's students discover just how far a little hard work can truly take them.

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• Syracuse International Film Festival 2007: Official Selection
• Arizona Black Film Showcase 2008: Official Selection
• Urban World Film Festival 2008: Official Selection
• Hollywood Black Film Festival 2008: Official Selection

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