Frances and Frankie September 01 2011 / 8 Mins/ HD
Genre: Documentary

All people have a right to self-determination and family life. Unfortunately, developmentally disabled individuals such as twins Frances and Frankie are not always included in this promise.

After loosing their parents at an early age, the twins were separated and placed in distant institutions. Due to misconceptions about her family history, Frances was misclassified as severely retarded and never educated. Frankie, who has a more severe developmental disability, had almost no contact with his sister for forty years.

Only recently, through the efforts of friends and social workers, has Frances had an opportunity to live independently. Frankie's recent move to a nearby group home has finally allowed the twins to be reunited. Now in their sixties, Francis and Frankie remind us of the power of love and family

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• AFI/Discovery Silverdocs 2008: Official Selection
• Human Rights Film Festival 2008: Official Selection

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