Ultrasonic June 01 2012 / 90 Mins/ HD
"a handsomely atmospheric, Pi-like psychological thriller" - Jonathan L. Fischer - Washington City Paper
Genre: Drama/Thriller

ULTRASONIC tells the tale of Simon York, an aspiring musician with a beautiful wife and baby on the way. Ruth, Simon's wife, is supportive of Simon's dream, but their recent financial problems prove to be a strain on them. Simon begins to hear things that Ruth believes is just a result of his stress. Ruth's brother Jonas, an eccentric young conspiracy theorist, is the only person that seems to take Simon seriously. Simon's ailment leads the two of them into an obsession that spirals out of control and leaves everyone wondering, is it real?

Cast And Crew
Director: Rohit Colin Rao
Rohit grew up in Silver Spring, MD. He is a filmmaker, musician and software engineer. In 2001, Rohit wrote and directed his first film, Blocks, which was shot on 16mm film and served as his film school. In 2004, Rohit wrote and directed Someone and Someone, Inc., a 7 minute satirical short about corporate America, which debuted at the Maryland Film Festival in 2004. Since then, he has focused on music projects. He self-released an album with The Translucents called Roots Run Deep, and an EP with Tigertronic called The Potomac Winter Sessions, both of which are spotlighted in the film. Ultrasonic marks Rohitís feature-length filmmaking debut.

• DC Independent Film Festival 2012: Best of Fest

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