Tailgate 32 February 05 2013 / 30 Mins/ HD
Genre: Reality TV Series - 9 episodes - 30 minutes

Tailgate32 is a 25,000-mile, cross-country football odyssey in a 42-foot RV. WGN Radio recently described it as "so incredibly cool...and insane!" Led by thrill-seeking brothers John and Mike Trupiano, Football Nation's Tailgate32 will visit all 32 NFL arenas in just 17 weeks this season, before powering on to the playoffs and Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

Cast And Crew
Producer, Co-Director: John and Mike Trupiano
Mike and John are technology entrepreneurs who were ready to try something completely different. They’re thrill seekers who revel in pulling off what others typically shake their heads at. They embrace life for the variety of experiences it has to offer, and disdain most conventional approaches to living out one’s days. You’ll find them riding motorcycles, hiking mountains, and probably having a few too many beers along the way. Mike, 34, is an MIT-educated adventurer with a tendency to bite off more than he's sure he can chew. He’s extremely smart, very well-spoken--and frequently a bit snarky. While he's quite outgoing and social (has he EVER turned down a beer?), he can be pretty private about his own feelings and intentions at times. He’s got a great track record for “getting the job done”, and is never afraid to push someone's comfort zone to get what he wants. Always looking to outdo himself, it’s certain that he’ll have an even crazier journey lined up soon. John, 28, has been the wild child his whole life, the one who kept his parents up all night worrying about him. Johns Hopkins-educated, he had a habit of skating by on gifts alone as a young man. His first foray into business hardened him and shaped him as an “always on” type of guy. Well conditioned for a brutal life on the road, he’s the one who crashes out early at the bar only to wake up at 4AM and pump out four hours of work before anyone rises. Emotional and reactionary at times, he’s a bit more of an open book compared to Mike.

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