Clara Como El Agua December 10 2013 / 12 Mins/ HD
Genre: Drama

Clara is the only light-skinned and clear-eyed girl in an all black neighborhood in Puerto Rico. The children tease her endlessly, telling her that her father is some “gringo” tourist whom her mother had an affair with. However, her grandmother tells her a different story: she claims Clara’s mother bathed in the bioluminescent bay while pregnant, giving Clara not only her olive skin tone but also her name, Clara, or, clear. Tired of the harassment and contradicting stories, Clara steals a boat and struggles to reach the bioluminescent bay, where she discovers the water will indeed change her life, but in a way she doesn't expect.

Cast And Crew
Director: Fernanda Rossi
Writer, filmmaker and internationally renowned story analyst and speaker Fernanda Rossi has written eight feature-length screenplays, most recently Elena Sabe based on the novel by the Argentine best-seller Claudia Piñeiro. Currently Fernanda is in production for the next two shorts that with Clara complete the trilogy about young women.

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