Boobs October 14 2014 / 87 Mins/ HD, SD
Genre: Documentary

BOOBS is a documentary about one girl’s journey through the beauty industry. British model Precious Muir has moved from London to New York to make it as a fashion model. Her career has not been what she had hoped, and she has decided that the best route to success is to undergo breast enhancement surgery. The film follows Precious as she undergoes the procedure (going from a B cup to a D cup), and the unexpected aftermath of this dramatic, life-altering decision.

Cast And Crew
Director: Stone Roberts and Jon Bulette
Stone Roberts is an multiple award winning, Emmy Nominated Executive Producer currently working for Scripps Networks. Jon Bulette is an Executive Producer currently working for Matador Content and the Discovery Channel. Jon recently completed a tour as Executive Producer for National Geographic, and has pursued several independent projects with Co-Director Stone Roberts, and Producer Leo Curbelo, including SPLITTING HAIRS, a documentary about the World Beard and Moustache Championships, and BOOBS.

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