Blood Cells August 18 2015 / 86 Mins/ HD
"Visually Sensuous..Performances are of the highest quality" - Time Magazine
Genre: Drama

Adam has lived a rootless existence since his family’s farm was destroyed by the Foot & Mouth epidemic of 2001. His life imploded and he abandoned his family after a single devastating incident. He has spent the years since on the nomadic fringes of British society, cycling through transitory jobs and transitory relationships, adrift from his family and past.

When his younger brother Aiden reaches out to him to announce the birth of his first child—Adam is about to become an uncle—there is an ultimatum attached: come home now, or never come home again. Adam embarks on a journey home that is at once tortured and exhilarating, a panoramic tour through the broken and beautiful margins of Britain. As eruptions from his secret past begin to emerge, Adam struggles to break free from an exile that must now end before it swallows him for good.

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• Venice Film Festival 2014: Official Selection
• Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015: Official Selection

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