Documentary Film "Mentor" gets huge release and hate mail December 21 2014
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Washington DC – Garden Thieves Pictures is proud to announce that we recently and uniquely released the documentary film “Mentor” to a world-wide audience simultaneously broadcasted via Russia Today and released widely on DVD, Video on Demand (Amazon, iTunes, Vimeo, etc) and streaming free on SnagFilms.

Ellen Page tweeted about the release:

“If there is something 2 watch right now it’s @lixlambert ‘s film Mentor. So important and needs to be seen and shared” – Ellen Page

The release is not all positive. The Boston Globe reports that the director of the film, Alix Lambert, has received e-mails suggesting that she should “kill herself” for making this movie.

About the film:

Mentor, Ohio, is largely white, largely upper middle class, and listed as one of the “Top 100 Places to Live in the United States.” Its attraction for immigrants and others proves to be a deadly illusion. The Vidovics swap the perils of war in Bosnia for trying to fit in to this culture of conformity. Their daughter Sladjana endures constant bullying from 8th grade on. Kids make fun of her name, her Croatian accent, her clothes, and her perceived queerness. She suffers nightly death threats and daily physical abuse. The Vidovics seek help from the school—principals, counselors, nurses, security guards, and the police all systematically fail to stop the bullying or create a safer environment. No abuser is held accountable. Sladjana hangs herself at 16. Another victim of this bullying, Eric Mohat does not tell his parents of his daily physical abuse, being called “fag” and “queer” at school. Eric is finally taunted into killing himself at 17.

    The Vidovics and Mohats both sue the school district, which pursues a policy of denial, destroys evidence, and willfully refuses to address bullying at all. At its heart, the documentary poses a harrowing question: What tragedies will some endure to maintain the status quo, and what risks must we take to reclaim the future of a community in conflict?

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